Engagement Program

The Yellowknife City Gold Project is unique among projects in the NWT as the project impacts more than half the population of the Territory and is one of the largest projects in the Territory in terms of size and potential social and economic benefits and impacts if it proceeds.

In addition to occurring on Chief Drygeese traditional lands of the Yellowknife Dene First Nation, the YCGP borders the City of Yellowknife and shares multiple land uses with hydro, road, airport and communications infrastructure; harvesting lands; recreational trails and lakes; and permitted and unpermitted cabins.

For a junior mining company, Gold Terra is still very active with periodic local media disclosures, continuing contact with territorial, municiapl and First Nations, and programs with schools and recreational group.

Gold Terra's engagement program goes well beyond complying with regulatory requirements and is designed to meet the unique circumstances of the Yellowknife City Gold Project. The Yellowknife City Gold Project is the only advanced exploration project in the NWT:

  1. Whose largest community of impact is a City as compared to indigenous communities
  2. Which is close to and surrounds its communities of impact rather than being distant from them
  3. Which shares recreational, harvesting, tourism and infrastructure areas with its communities of impact

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