Communications Methodology

Gold Terra’s diverse range of stakeholders requires numerous channels to implement its engagement program including:

  • MVLWB Registry
  • Community Meetings
  • Government Meetings
  • Radio Spots
  • School Visits
  • Community Posters
  • Print Notices
  • Courses
  • Trade Shows and Displays
  • Job Fairs
  • Research and Data Sharing
  • Web Page

Engagement Image Bank

Gold Terra contracts the services of a professional photographer and encourages partners to contribute images. The image bank contains over 2000 images of which approximately 350 are of high quality.

Engagement Media Coverage

Gold Terra does not solicit media coverage but has been consistently open to requests for interviews and information from local blogs, radio, newspapers, magazines, and TV. As a highly visible example of the mining industry, local coverage in all media occurs about twenty times a year. To date, there has been no unfavourable coverage. Gold Terra does not keep a record of media engagement, but it would be possible to build a historical record. Gold Terra’s name and/or logo repeatedly appears in local media and public announcements in relation to its community partners, safety notices, press releases or community meeting notices.

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